FIFA 22 Mobile Beta Apk (15.1.03) Download for Android

Download FIFA 22 beta apk obb for Android: Download the latest FIFA mobile 22 games with English commentary and updated graphics with various new added-in gameplay features. This year EA Sports has added a ton of new features as compared to the previous versions and the biggest of them is all English commentary and new animations with updated Stadium graphics.

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FIFA 22 Mobile Beta Apk Obb for Android

In FIFA Mobile 22 Beta can play 11v11 matches against your opponent on online mode and light events to Elite players for your ultimate team. FIFA Mobile has been the competition of Dream League Soccer, PES, COF, Vive le Football, Football Manager, etc.

FIFA 20 to mobile comes with live events in which you can participate and earn rewards, which resets every 8 hours and this is also a good way for an allied player for your team to conquer the online events.

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Updated Graphics of FIFA 

FIFA 22 works online and requires an internet connection. This beta version is just a small segment of what the upcoming update is all about. With various features exciting gameplay and more authentic and real graphics near to the real world.

The game mele runs on the FIFA coins & FIFA Points which can be easily earned by playing events and daily login events. There are different types of packs like starter skill booster pack, star resource pack, starter player pack & FIFA Points Pack. There are also traditional silver, gold, and Elite player packs.

FIFA 22 Ultra HD Gameplay

There are 5 types of camera angles that can be changed during playing the game anytime anywhere, you don’t need to pause the game and change the gameplay camera.
You can also access the quick substitute of shell which is on the top ka of the gameplay screen, which can be used while the game is still on.
The main tactics can also be controlled from the top right corner of the screen, where you can choose to play depending on balanced or attacking football whichever you like.

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These updates come with new ways to play the soccer game which is driven by over by the gameplay engine which is new to FIFA mobile. The intro of the game has been revamped with the new EA Sports Intro. Training of players is an important way to develop your squad in the game. Your player attributes are critical to the development of your player and team.

The real commentary makes the gameplay alive gives the realism and excitement spark during the game. Your chances of having to defend a counterattack increase when you play against an opponent with a better Team OVR. As you level up you’ll unlock more formations to use in the game.

11v11 Online Gameplay

You can build your ultimate team also VS attack team, 11 v 11 team, and sign other players to your Team. The game has real-time player-to-player VS player events in which you can head against your competitor in real-time from around the world. Although we can expect more features in the main game this is what they have given in the beta version.

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Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 Mobile

This is the first look at the new gameplay and your chance to experience and test the new FIFA. Also, make sure that the progress you made in this beta version will not be carried forward to the main season.

You can now hear the on-field shout of players. It adds realism to the game. You can also hear managers shouting and giving directions to all the players present on the field. 

The UI of the game is very much related to the FIFA 22 PC/Console Version. The Game feature. There are skills boost present in the game, which you can use to increase your player stats.

New Animations added for FIFA 22 Mobile

You can freely download the beta version from the link given below. The game’s gameplay has been totally revamped with added sound effects, which can be downloaded from the settings. The Sound-Effect pack is 450MB+.

There is an optional Audio Setting that allows you to download additional Stadium Sound Effects of 475 MB. There are many languages of commentary present in the game like Arabic, English, German, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Mexican.

FIFA 22 Mobile New features:

  • Revamped UI
  • Updated Graphics
  • 9 Languages Commentary
  • Sound Effects like Crowd, Announcement, Player Call, etc
  • New Songs added
  • New Mini-Events
  • 11v11 Friendly Online Match, VS Attack
  • New Player Signing Animation
  • 7 New Added Stadium Design

  • Licensed Leagues and Team Logo Premier League, La Liga, MLS, etc
  • Realistic Stadium VFX & cheering
  • Ball Patch Tracer (when shooting the ball)
  • Login Bonus Updated
  • Updated Splash Screen with New icons like Foden, Mbappe, Alaba, Pulisic, Son, etc

Download FIFA 22 Apk (15.1.03) here:

Beta Apk (90MB)

NOTE: Please connect your VPN to INDIA or ROMANIA or CANADA. Also, THE GAME ONLY REQUIRE VPN ONCE (to LOG-IN). So You only need a VPN once.


How to Download FIFA 22 Beta Apk?

  1. First of all download the zip file from above (containing Apk)
  2. After that, Open the Apk file and Pres Install button to install the App.
  3. Connect your VPN to India. Open the game and Login to the game.
  4. That’s it, Open the game and enjoy 🙂
  5. You don’t need to connect to a VPN next time.

Gameplay Preview:



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